What type of session do you provide?

I primarily photograph children, seniors and families. During family sessions, I have found that the focus is usually  on the children, so they are my main subject. However, I do offer shots of the family together.

Our session is fun and relaxed. I prefer if the family acts if I am not there. Although I like styled photos, the best photos are those that are real. My main objective is to get the kids just as they are. Curious, fun, happy, shy or whatever they might be. When you pressure the child to smile at the nice lady holding the camera the photos turn out stiff and they looked forced. So for this reason, i like to get into their environment. I will lay down with them, play, jump and act a fool so that they can be comfortable with me. I will show them my camera and might even allow them to take a picture or two. Remember the idea is to have a fun photo session, not a forced one.

When should i contact you to book my session?

If you have a specific date and time in mind for your session you should contact me via email or phone to see availability.

When is payment due for the session?

A deposit of half (50%)  the total price is due when you reserve your date and time. At this time you will be given a contract to review and sign in order to proceed with the session along with the deposit.

When is the balance due? 

The balance is due at the start of your session.

When can I expect to see my photos?

After your session, I may post 1 to 2 sneak peek photos on my Facebook and/or my blog.  Thats just a teaser to hold you through until your proofing/ordering session. Your gallery will be presented to you within 2 weeks of  your session. The best photos are never revealed until your proofing session. I understand that you are excited to see your images, and believe me I am just as excited to show you. Please be patient and give me the time i ask for to complete your session.

Why does it take “X” amount of time to work on my photos?

I, like you, have a family of my own and I assign certain hours of the day to work and to spend with my family such as a “normal job” would do, this is my 9-5. I know you might think “but they are digital”, they still go through a system in my “digital darkroom”. I make sure that I go over each photo one at a time to see if it lives up to my expectations ex: sharpness, color, light, etc.

Can I print digital files off at Walmart or Walgreens?

No, reprint rights to images on your USB are non-valid to Walgreens, Sams Club, CVS, Walmart, Target, Costco and or any other 1-hour photo lab.  I recommend mpix.com for high quality resolution image prints. 1-hour photo labs are not specialized in providing high quality portraits. If you’ve spent your hard earned money on custom photography for your family, I  would assume that you want quality prints to reflect your investment. *Please note that I will always recommend that fine art products such as canvas gallery wraps and float wraps be purchased through me and the professional photo lab I use*

What forms of payment do you accept? 

Credit Cards or cash are accepted as a form of payment. At this time I do not accept checks.


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